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Brampton Guardian | Sep 25, 2010

Real tender

History has a special place in Willard Burton’s coin store. Burton and his two friends who co-own the B&W Coins & Tokens at 345 Queen St. W. have coins, currency and tokens from every possible era. From an early slave token featuring a chained slave on her knees with the inscription, “Am I not a woman & a sister?” to convict coins used by prisoners banished to Australia from England in the 1800s, the store has an exhaustive stock of money and coin memorabilia. Brampton residents will have an opportunity to see many historical reminders at the Brampton Coin Show, taking place tomorrow at the Century Gardens Recreation Centre, 340 Vodden Rd. E., between 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  

Funds raised from the show–hosted by the Brampton Rotary Club and B&W Coins & Tokens – will go towards various children’s charities in the city.
“In the Brampton area all that has been available for anyone buying coins is the odd flea market which has very common coins,” said Burton. “The Brampton Coin Show will give people an opportunity to see good quality products. Most coin store operators are moving away from stores into offices and conducting their business online. What is unique about the show or a store like ours is that the experience of seeing the product and taking in all the variety.”

Despite the popularity of virtual shopping, Burton and his friends set shop some three years ago. They said coin collectors of all ages and sizes visit the store. Some Grandfathers come into the store along with their grandchildren. The store allows patrons to walk-in and browse through an exhaustive stock of books, coins, colonial, milk and bread tokens, Hudson Bay coins and paper currencies from Britain, U.S and Canada. Proceeds from the show will be used to fund the Rotary Club’s annual Christmas Party for low-income families, said John Mullen, a member of the Brampton Rotary Club. The Rutherford Bingo Hall–owned by the club – has raised thousands of dollars for children’s charities, he said. “Some of the revenues from the bingo hall have declined over the years,” said Mullen. “We’ve been seeking to develop new fundraising techniques (for children’s charities) in addition to the bingo hall and so the idea for combining the coin show with the fundraiser came about.”  Tickets to the Brampton Coin Show cost $3 and is free for children under 14. For more information, visit, www.bwcoin.com

Photo by Bryon Johnson
Willard Burton, co-owner of the B&W Coins & Tokens shop on Queen St W,on right, with John Mullen, chair, children's committee, Rotary Club of Brampton.